Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Camp 2015

We just got back from my favorite (yup, more than Colorado) place in the world, Fenton's Camp on Lake Eaton, in the Adirondack Park in Upstate NY. There's nowhere I can think of that's as peaceful and relaxing as this. For those who don't know, up there a "camp" is a house, not a tent. Our particular camp was purchased by my grandparents back in the late 50s and has been expanded and improved over the years so that it's now a wonderful, 4-bedroom cabin. It's a blessing for us to get a couple of weeks up there every few years. 
 The last time we came up was 2011. Ezra was barely over a year old and, of course, doesn't remember a thing about it, so this was a new adventure for most of the kids.
 They found out very quickly that there wasn't much for them to do except go swimming, hiking, read a book or just find a way to entertain themselves.

  Not surprisingly, there were lots of opportunities for learning that were fun and hands-on. The very first morning, we found a young bullfrog by the dock so the kids got to see him up close.

 We did a couple of puzzles while we were there.  The kids loved helping out with them, especially after Olivia, Rebecca and I had almost the entire thing done.
 Rebecca had gotten a paddleboard as her birthday gift and this was the perfect place to try it out.
 Even Olivia was good at it after just minutes.
 And when we wanted something to keep most of the kids (and adults) busy, there were a couple of Lego sets available.

And of course, there was fishing to be done. With 3 of the kids in the boat with me, there wasn't much point in me even bringing a pole. :)

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