Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Camp 2015 - Books, Puzzles and Nature Study

The great thing about being a homeschooling family is that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to teaching and learning. Being up at Camp gave us a great opportunity to have the kids observe, explore and experience nature close up. As most of our posts have shown, there have been opportunities for them to see bullfrogs, the work of beavers, fish, flowers, the history of the area and lots of other things. When we were planning the trip, we made sure we packed plenty of fun, teaching books for the kids to read.
 We had a slew of books from our personal library and the public library, too.
 We picked up a book on loons and Nana gave Gabe another one for his birthday. Very appropriate since we saw so many of them this year.
 We got the kids a handful of adventure books set in the Adirondacks. They fell in love with them and are begging for more Adirondack Kids books.
 Gabe's nature journal entry talked about the trees, rocks, water and ducks.
Olivia had the sunset, lake and ducks.
Ezra talked about the Paper Birch trees we saw everywhere with their peeling bark and, yup... ducks.
It's really cool to see them finding new things and being interested in the world around them. Definitely made us wish we could stay up there year-round.
This was the last puzzle we did up there. Sadly, we didn't get a picture before it got taken apart, but it was really a gorgeous scene. We are going to find the rest in this series to do at home.

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