Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainbow Party Day

Today, Emma turned 2 and Jeremy turned 40. So it was a day to celebrate around here. Emma is our sweet, happy, sunshine child. On this dreary winter day, we gave her a rainbow party full of color and fun. We decorated the dining room. Lets face it, we spend a lot of time there as a family so it was the place of our many activities today.

 The kids greeted Emma with Happy Birthday singing this morning. She was super excited to see the decorations.  Then a little later in the morning we made crafts. We made a rainbow hand/foot print art piece. It was a fun group project. We did that one in stages through the day as each person's color had to dry. The hands go as follows, Olivia, Gabe, Ezra, Emma, then Irene's footprints, and then Jeremy and I at the bottom. The kids made rainbows from construction paper. We gave them rainbow paints and let them just free paint.

For lunch we had a rainbow assortment of veggies, fruits, and goldfish. We also made rainbow colored ice cubes for their drinks. The kids layered rainbow cake batter into jars and for rainbow cake and then they iced them with vanilla icing mixed with rainbow sprinkles. We should have used much smaller jars as they made large cakes.

Jeremy made Emma a rainbow tutu and we gave her a rainbow streamer and she really enjoyed prancing around for a while. We also gave her some of "her own" colored pencils as she really enjoys just sitting and coloring pictures just about every day. She asked to use them immediately.

Well, that was Emma's birthday celebration. We taught her to say, "I am Emma. I am a girl. I am 2!"I wish I could catch her sweet but excited little voice saying that on camera. It is adorable but she is a bit shy. We had such a fun family day celebrating her sweet little life.

Stay tuned for how we celebrated the 40 year old tonight.... 

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