Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Emma and Irene

Hello Everyone! :) Irene is 8 months old and a sweet little peanut doll baby. Her head is as perfectly round as it looks in this picture. She is very expressive. He bright eyes light up and they crinkle up in the corners when she breaks into a smile. She has started to find her voice and is very social and opinionated. She is beginning to imitate movement and vocalizations that we do with her.

She can sit up for long periods with assistance from the boppy or a pillow behind her. Love her big bright eyes! They are sort of gray. She likes to scratch at the pictures in her books. She graps for toys and likes things that rattle or clack together. She can sit unassisted for about a minute before you usually falls to one side or throws herself back. She is still not a big fan of being on her tummy and prefers her back to get around. She is not really a snuggler. She likes to be held but won't lay her head on our chests unless she is super tired and even then she fusses and fidgets as she does it. She is a thumb sucker. She is always busy looking at what is going on around her.

And Emma! Huggable, squeezable, and sweet as pie. She is toddling all over the place and even starting to run at times. She wants in on all the action of her older siblings.  It is precious and sweet to watch. She is using words constantly and making know what she does and doesn't like. "I no like it" or "Daddy! drink!" Daddy's princess girl might just be prone to a few 2 year old tantrums these days too. ;)


She wanted to sit next to these kids over and over. She would get down and come tells us something about them or talk about the book they were reading and then go back and sit with them again. She had a lot to tell us.

She finds some really silly things to keep her busy. She wants the attention and she still laughs with such a hardy belly laugh. We can often find her singing to herself. She repeats just about anything her sibling tell her too, which of course is not always a good thing. She loves to go outside and will come tell us she needs "shoes and socks" and then run for the door and say "outside". She likes to bring us books to read or will sit quietly on the couch with a blanket and some books to look through. She is a total snuggle bug still.

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