Sunday, November 17, 2013


The flight exhibit wasn't the only thing we saw that day at Sciworks. We took some time to explore some of the other fun things to see. 
Rebecca and the kids got into a race on these little scooters.

Olivia managed to come from behind and beat Rebecca to the finish.

Olivia tried her best to get the treadmill's "Run" light to come on, but couldn't quite get it fast enough. I did it, but only because I nearly slipped the very for time I got on it. :)

The boys had a blast with the dental drill and air blower. It was non-stop laughter until we dragged them away from it.

Outside, Olivia got to see a working Archimedes screw, which we had read about last spring in MFW.

We got to see the otters playing.

"fishing" in the stream.

The physics exhibit had this chair that lifted you up using vacuum suction. 

Of course, this was a highlight of the kids' day.

The had a robotic claw to pick up different shapes with that Olivia managed to get pretty good at. 

There was SO MUCH more to see there that we will certainly be going back. They have tons of exhibits on all kinds of subjects like the human body, physics, sound, animal habitats, a planetarium and then a special exhibit that changes every couple of months.

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