Monday, December 2, 2013

Science: The Human Body - The Ear, Eye, Skin and Hair

Olivia's science curriculum has been moving through the workings of various body parts like the ear. She learned about how the ear is made of tiny bones and parts that make it so we can hear. She also learned about how our hearing compares to animals like dogs, who can hear better than we can, and chickens, which do not.

She also learned that our ear is the whole reason we are able to balance and why we get dizzy when we spin in a chair. :)

She's also learned about the eye and how we see. She made a paper model with the different parts of the eye.

The latest body system was our skin and hair. She learned about the layers in our skin and just how important our skin is to our bodies. We got to talk about hair follicles, sweat glands, pores and nerves.

She had to do a strength experiment with different hairs. It was supposed to be one straight and one curly, but since we don't have any curly-headed people in the house, I graciously sacrificed one of my majestic beard hairs for the cause. Those things are like Bald Eagle feathers... they need to be protected by law.

Anyway, the task was to see which would hold more pennies. 

She added them one at a time and at 36 pennies, Rebecca's hair gave out. BEARDS WIN!

It took a grand total of 60 pennies to snap my hair. 60! Nearly twice the strength of Rebecca's hair. I could practically weave my beard into rope and use it to move cargo. Amazing...

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