Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Preying Mantis Comes to Visit

As I left a job site one day, this fella was on my car wheel. I brought him home so that kids could see him. What a fun guest.

He climbed up Olivia's arm. She said, "I think it is cool because it climbs so well. And I knew he was a grown Mantis because of its size and it was green. Baby Mantis are brown." We checked her and she is right. She tells us she read it in her book, Eyes for Benny. 

Ezra let it climb right up his arm, touched his cheek, and across his back. He said, "He had little scratches."

Gabe was a little more timid in holding it. He said, "I liked his long arms."

Then we put him on our squash plants in the garden. That was a week ago. Just yesterday Ezra was out in the garden looking for "The Mantis". Alas, he could not find it. :) 

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