Monday, July 29, 2013

Colorado Trip, Part 6

One afternoon, we took a hike in the other end of Castlewood Canyon. It was amazing! The views before you get in to the canyon are fantastic!

The kids were excited because they got to use their trekking poles again.
Being silly.
Emma enjoyed riding and drinking all my water.

The boys spied out a hidden nook.

The rocks were amazing. It was really cool to see all the layers in the side walls. There were solid layers and some that were more like stones mixed with sand.

We thought this tree was the coolest thing we saw that day. It was growing out of a crack in this giant boulder.

There were a great many flowers in bloom. I have no clue what each of them is, but they are all beautiful.

I know this one! A thistle!
Even the cacti were blooming.

This bench was next to the path as we walked out. We definitely agree!

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