Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Colorado Trip, Part 2

One of our favorite hikes when we lived in Colorado was to the Devil's Head Fire Lookout. It's a nearly 10,000ft vantage point that lets you see for miles and miles. Unfortunately, trying to herd Ezra while carrying Emma up the steeper-than-I-remember trail, I only got a couple of pictures before we were at the top.

Though, I did catch this magnificent specimen of a Colorado Columbine. The whole time we lived out there, I never saw one so perfect.

The view from the trail can be magnificent.

Once at the top of the trail, you still have 143 steps to climb.

Though the view from the top is certainly worth it.

That big mountain is Pikes Peak (14,110ft) nearly 30 miles away.

Olivia showing some strength while the boys walk under her. :)

The way down went quicker, but the smaller ones were pretty beat.

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