Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gabe's Soccer Camp

It was Gabe's turn to go to a summer camp and we decided that he would enjoy a soccer camp. Boy, did he! He loved to run and kick the ball, was very attentive to his teachers and very friendly with all the other kids.

Before the camp even started, he was ready to run.

Stretching excercises
Each day, they ran an obstacle course. Gabe was perfect every time.  Must be all the hoops Olivia makes him jump through at home.

Playing "Red Light, Green Light"

"He drives toward the net,"

"He shoots...."


As one last excercise, they had to chase a hoop and jump through it while it was rolling. For some reason, the hoop always seemed to curve away from Gabe as he chased it. :)

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Dana Butler said...

So fun!! Looks like he had a blast!