Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gabe's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Our tenderhearted, excited about life, and goofy son turned 4. Rebecca and I worked together to make him a bulldozer cake. This was actually a few days before his birthday but we were headed out of town and, with the Labor Day holiday, Grandpa and Grandma were able to join us for a celebration. We did this at breakfast. The kids were delighted to get cake and a party first thing. :)

"Don't I get cake too?"

On Gabe's actual birthday, we were in Harrisonburg, VA where I was working with my parents. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. They put the sombrero on Gabe and sang to him. He also got ice cream. His expressions and enjoyment were priceless.  The same could be said for his siblings. There was lots of joy to go around that night.

Pop-pop and Nana are down there on the end. The ran from our end of the table (when there was food) to their end of the table for sitting in laps. 
"You take pichur?"
"I smile!"
"I take over world!!! Muahahahaha!!!"
Emma sat in a high chair for the first time. She did pretty well, though Rebecca had to have some quick hands to keep her upright a couple of times.
Ultimately, though, the excitement was just too much for Emma...

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