Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mountain Top Youth Camp

While we were home with the littles, the bigs spent their week at Mountain Top Youth Camp. They did crafts, read the Bible, sang songs, climbed the mountain, played games, made friends and ate food. :)
This year, they had a Pinewood Derby and Gabe won! We are told that the coat hanger was the key to his success; just the right placements and weight. Ezra built what can only be described as a Mad Max Derby car, with nails and screws and chains. From what several people told us, Ezra was in the running for third place, but narrowly lost in the last race. We got so many compliments on both the boys from counselors about how polite and respectful they both were and how they participated in the activities and discussions.
Olivia didn't place in Derby, but it didn't matter. She had so much fun with the friends she's made up there over the past 3 years. Over the last year, she kept in touch with a girl from Mebane, exchanging letters and pictures regularly and even spending time sleeping at each other's houses. So for the two of them, this was a whole week of sleepovers and fun.

By the time it was done, however, everyone was ready to come home. Olivia was supposed to go home with her friend for her friend's birthday, but later that afternoon, she called and asked if I could come and get her. She was having fun, but she really missed us and wanted to come home. Of course, I went and got her and we made plans for her to go back for her friend's birthday party the following week.

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