Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hanging Rock

Once we dropped the bigs off at MTYC, we started home, but rather than go back the normal way, we went around to Hanging Rock and took a hike there as well.
Emma had been given a thing of bubbles by one of the counselors at MTYC and so she brought it along.
The path, for more than half the way is either paved or nicely groomed gravel, making it seem easier than it was. It wasn't terribly difficult until you reached the seemingly endless stairs. Poor Rebecca had to carry Irene on her back up them and Irene was not helpful in the least...
Emma and I reached the top on the wood stairs first, so she sat on a rock in the shade and blew bubbles while we waited.
There were still more stairs, this time rough-cut stone, that had to be climbed to reach the top, but the littles persevered and made it!

The view was incredible, but the girls didn't want to get any closer to it than they were. OK...I didn't want them any closer than they were. Sadly, there was an exposure problem with the camera, so my panoramic shots didn't come out.

The climb down all those stone and then wood stairs was certainly no easier than the uphill. By the time we got all the way down, we were all pretty beat. 

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