Friday, October 25, 2013

Irene - 4 months

Irene is still a little peanut. All of our kids have a growth curve that sits in the lower percentiles or even below. But, Irene takes the cake. She was born our smallest and continues to be our smallest. She is also more proportional than the others. Her head circumference is actually in the lower percentiles just like her weight and length. She is 10lbs.
Rolling Over!

"I'm tired of doing tricks for you!"

She knows what she wants and is very vocal about it. She really only wants to play or be alone for a short time. I guess that is what happens when you have so many siblings along with your parents to keep you entertained. We love to hear her to coo and talk to us. It is so sweet and just never gets old. (I imagine we will think differently in a few years. ;) We may or may not have thought the same way about some of her siblings. ;) )

She is a bundle of energy. She is constantly moving. She moves around like her sister Olivia did with the back of her head. There is quite a bald spot to prove it. She likes to look at things upside down. She grabs with her hands or scratches at things pretty much anytime she is awake.

She has very expressive eyes. She has the skeptical looks and scowls of her brother Ezra. She has a bright smile and her eyes light up and crinkly up beautifully when she is happy. She is starting to laugh more freely. She likes to "stand" supported in our laps and will lean forward and wiggle her whole body when she wants to interact. It makes us smile and brings us great joy.

In other news, she pretty much consistently sleeps through the night and it is just wonderful! :)

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