Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K - A Family Event

We have all been training (I use that term very loosely when applying it to myself...) for a 5K run. Earlier this year, Groupon had a deal for entries in the Color Me Rad 5K to benefit The Special Olympics. The gimmick behind Color Me Rad is that they pelt you with dyed corn starch as you run, making you rather brightly colored by the time you finish.
They started us in waves and I took the first wave at 9:00am. Since this was my very first 5k, my goal was to finish in 30 minutes or less. I managed to do it in 29:03! I was well pleased with myself. :)

My brother, Greg, and his wife, Morgan, also ran in the race. Greg was a champ, pushing his daughter, Rooney, in her stroller the whole way. 

Rebecca and Olivia ran it together in a later wave. Here they are before the fun started. And, yes, Rebecca really is 7+ months pregnant and running a 5k... What can I say, she's one tough mama. :)

When they got done, they decided they weren't colorful enough, so they bombed each other.

That's one bright family!

It was a ton of fun and, despite my screaming calves, I am looking forward to running another one as soon as possible.

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