Saturday, March 9, 2013

Science Lessons

Olivia's Science curriculum this year is Genesis for Kids, which has been a great deal of fun. The experiments follow the progression of Genesis Chapter 1 and group things together by their corresponding day in creation. For example, we did these light experiments as part of the chapter on Day 1 and the air and water experiments as part of Day 2. In each experiment, we talk about how God made each of these things we are studying and how things work together perfectly because He made them that way.

When held just right, the magnifying glass acted as a prism, allowing us to see the colors of the rainbow and talk about how light is made up of all those colors.
We looked at how the light from the Sun can be focused into a small dot that can then burn things like leaves and paper, especially if they're a dark color. She thought that was neat and tried writing her initials with the dot.
Here, we lit a candle in a bowl of water, then placed a jar over it and recorded how high in the jar the water rose as the candle burned out. That change in the height is proportional to the percentage of oxygen in the air. We then talked about how we need that oxygen to live and if there wasn't enough, we wouldn't be here, and if there was too much, the plants wouldn't live (they need carbon dioxide), so God made it just right for all of us.

*Overall, we are not super impressed with this curriculum. While many of the experiments were fun, many of them did not work out well. In the future, if we cycle through MFW-CTG again we will likely use 106 days of Creation Studies by Simply Charlotte Mason. It is a similar approach to studying an overview of science but adds many living books.

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