Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Cousins

We've been quite busy over the past couple weeks with new additions to our household. The most important is our wonderful little niece, Rooney. When her mom, Morgan, went back to work, we volunteered to watch her and we are glad we did! She has been a blessing to the whole family. When she's not here on the weekends, Ezra wanders around the house asking, "Where's Rooney?" 

And Emma thinks Rooney is just the coolest thing in the world...
When Rooney is playing on the floor, Emma will come and poke at her and touch her head and giggle. She also loves to take Rooney's pacifier and play with it. 

It's been a great rehearsal for when Baby #5 comes in May. Hopefully, our little one will be just as easy as Rooney! :)

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