Monday, October 22, 2012

Mudbug 2010

Rebecca and I embarked on our first mud run on Saturday with the 2nd Annual Mudbug Run. It's a 3.1 mile (5k), 18-obstacle course that was such a blast to run. We couldn't have had better weather, either. Not too hot and not too cold, though the pit filled with ice water certainly didn't help anything... and neither did the mud pits, slogs through ponds, climbing over 5' fences, giant hay bales and jumping over fires. However, it was enough fun that we are definitely hooked and going to do this again. It was never our intention to try to win any awards, we just went to have fun and we did.

Sadly, most of the course is through the woods, so we don't have any pictures  of that but our friend Matt grabbed our camera and snapped a few shots as we came in to the last couple of obstacles.
Through the ice water bath. Yeah. It was cold.
Hopping from one pit of muddy water to another. This and the ice bath managed to wash of most of the mud, which was kinda nice. 
The Big @$s wall was the last obstacle and yes, it was a rather big wall. Unfortunately, we had to wait about 5 minutes in line for it, but that was the only one all day and we didn't care about our times.

What a blast! I couldn't have had a better partner for it. :)

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Drew said...

so impressive. you're a cute couple, even AFTER the mudbug.