Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bug Fest 2012!

A few weeks ago, we went to Bug Fest in Raleigh at the Museum of Natural Science. There were so many displays of live bugs to see! 
Mine and Olivia's favorite: large, creepy, nasty spiders. I prefer them displayed on the bottom of my shoe.
O getting a closer look st some little spiders
Even Emma was enjoying herself.
Gabe wanted to see the scorpions up close.
Ezra, however, wanted to see crickets.
Some massive stick-like bug that I didn't get the name of. O was brave enough to touch, but wouldn't hold it.
Rebecca was game, tho. :)
Seeing all the different types of grasshoppers, locusts and crickets was amazing.
No, that's not a bug, but a puffer fish. There were displays scattered throughout the building, so we got to see some of the regular exhibits, too.
A Snapping Turtle. Olivia had been reading Minn of the Mississippi, which is about a snapper that travels the whole length of the river.
A really neat termite display. a certain brand of pen has ink that smells like the pheromones a termite uses to mark a path. If you click the picture and look closely, there is a tiny white termite following the lines drawn of the paper. They will follow that line all day long.

Impressive chalk art

They had a discovery room where the kids could go and do all kinds of bug-related activities like dress up as a bug, play games, look at things under a microscope, etc.

All-in-all, it was a very fun day. We look forward to going back next year! :)

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