Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Last Two Continents

We finished out our world travels this last week. Well, at least for now. :) Both continents are found entirely below the equator but are very different. First we spent time in Australia. That included studying Coral Reefs. Then we headed to Antarctica. Here we reviewed both polar regions, comparing and contrasting them. 

This is Olivia's model of an undersea volcano that would eventually become an island surrounded by different types of  coral. 

Here she is using her observation journal (this was one of the resources I added and it came from the Winter Promise company) and reading from her One Small Square Coral Reef book.

Dot Art: The top two are scenes from Australia, the left one being Sydney and the right one be Ayer's Rock and the desert. Then there is the map shape of Australia below in the center.

Aboriginal bark drawing

Olivia learned that there is no government in Antarctica and therefore no flag. She was to design her own. Throughout the year she has learned about the significance of the flags of the countries we have visited. She chose yellow to symbolize the light of summer, black to symbolize the darkness of winter, the white to symbolize the ice, and the picture is to symbolize that the continent is primarily for scientific research and exploration. I'd say she did a good job thinking that one through. :)

learning about the insulation provided by the fat on penguins


We learned about explorers and she had to tell me what she would need for an exploration trip to Antarctica.

Olivia was to give me a presentation of sorts on the two polar regions. She took it quite seriously and did a good job. :)

Here she is giving me a presentation on penguins:
Here is the nest.
The parent penguin is regurgitating food for her chick.
Here is the mother penguin teaching the baby to fish for krill. The rottie dog on the right is a seal predator. :) 

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