Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Visits

This week, we went to visit both sides of Rebecca's family: the Fenskes in Durham and the Baldwins in Concord.

On Friday, we got to go visit with Rebecca's mom's family in Durham and see her Uncle Charlie, Aunt Nancy and cousin Sarah. Also got to see Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bill, but for some dumb reason, I didn't get a picture of them....

Then on Saturday, we went and had lunch with the Baldwin side down at Aunt Bethany and Uncle Phil's in Concord. 

The kids getting some help from Hunter, Matthew and Great-grandpa.

The 5 Baldwin Cousins. The last time they were all together was at our wedding in 2000!

4 Generations of Baldwins.
We had a wonderful time at both places and we hope to be able to see everyone again soon! 

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