Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Visit with Friends

These are our friends, Dana and Stan. We met them at our church in Colorado. Then we moved to NC but that is actually where Dana grew up and her parents live here. Funny coincidence. But great too, since it helps us actually get to see them, if only once a year. Then they moved to Kansas City. They have a adorable son Issac, who will soon be one year old. We went to a Greensboro icon to eat dinner. Yum Yums. It has been around a LONG time (it was open when my grandmother went to Womens College, the former name of UNCG). They serve hotdogs, cheerwine in glass bottles and ice cream. The company was better than the food. ;) Then we went back to Dana's parent's house and hung out for a while. Good Times!

Dana sang a song to Olivia when she was 2. It is referred to as the fishy song. You make a fish swim with your hands and then there is a line that says, "bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!" Gabe loves the song now. He is popping the bubbles.

Issac, isn't he adorable?!

"Do we dare try to get all four kids to sit for a picture?" :)

Olivia wanted to know if there were games for a 6 year old. :) Dana pulled out colorforms. Do you remember those?

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