Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swim Lessons

Olivia had swim lessons again this summer, with the goal of getting her comfortable in the water without her floats and to work on her kicks and arms and to jump in and swim a short distance. She was very brave! The first day was hard for her but she overcame her fears and was eager to try all the skills during the rest of the lessons.

She is under water holding her breath.

Here she is kicking. They progressed from noodles or kickboards to no help at all. She was encouraged (and mostly managed) to straighten out her legs and thereby improve her kick strength and speed by the end of the lessons.

This is when she just started jumping in to her teacher. Then she progressed to jumping in and swimming a couple of those black line distances to her teacher.

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Grandpa/Dad said...

Very Cool :- I amvery proud of all of you :-)