Monday, August 29, 2011

Making the Round World Flat

School is in session. Well, we actually didn't stop for long but now we have picked up some of our beyond essentials curriculum. We are doing My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures. It is a bible based curriculum that includes history, science, music and art. This year our history is actually geography. To start off the year, we did an overview of geography, learning about maps and globes. We learned the equator, north and south poles, the continents and the oceans. We learned about maps, reading them, and the different types of maps and what they tell us. We did some fun hands on activities to reinforce our learning.

JR worked with her to show her how flat maps are distorted because you can't flatten out the Earth without something getting messed up. By drawing the continents on an orange and then peeling it, she was able to see that flattening the earth is harder than it looks!

With help, Olivia also made maps of her room, our backyard, and the nieghborhood. We look at a Greensboro map. Then she was given the opportunity to give us directions to get from place to place.

And then to celebrate and reinforce our learning we made world cakes. Why did we make three? Well, I know there is only one earth. :) But it was good practice several times over for O to identify and place the continents and identify the oceans. Also, the cake pan I used (Thanks Kim!) to make the rounds made 3 so that is what we did. :)

We read from the Bible, the last two weeks, how there is only ONE God for the whole world and that he created and loves all people on the earth. He separated all the languages of the world but one day he will gather all the people of the world to worship him together.

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