Friday, January 21, 2011

School with Gabe

When Gabe is willing to do some school time, I try to find activities that he will enjoy but will also challenge him. Of course, being the second child, he has picked up so much more all on his own. Sometimes he definitely tells me that he isn't interested at all and sometimes he wants to do the activities over and over. He is slowly becoming more willing to sit still through the reading of books. Here are a few pictures. I find it a bit hard to do activities and take pictures at the same time and avoid messes. :)

I made this shoe box with some stickers on the sides. The side you can see has colored stars. The other side had different numbers of different animals. He was to put the clothes pins in the box, out of the box, and on the particular stickers as asked. Sometimes he did as he was asked and sometimes he just had fun putting them where he wanted. But, this was one activity that he really enjoyed. :)

Here he was watching our celery absorption experiment. Just kidding, he just got excited about drawing when the pencils came out. This is always true. He wants to "write, draw, or color" right along with sissy.

"A says a, like alligator"

He is making an alligator with his arms. He liked pointing out the eyes, the mouth and the teeth.

I am using the same letter of the week learning poster that I used with Olivia. You can see it in the background. This week was a cow, a calf (baby cow), a square, the letter A, the number one, Hey Diddle, Diddle, and a song about cows set to "The Farmer and the Dell". Here Gabe is milking a cow. :)

Here, Gabe is eating up his hay.

Blue painting with blueberries.

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