Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Art Projects

These activities all came out of our Great American Artist book.We have been learning about some of America's great artists from the 1700s and early 1800s. We read a little about the life and work of each artist, look at examples of their work, and then Olivia tries her hand at using a similar technique to the artist. You have seen some of them in previous posts but here are some of the latest...

Olivia's first easel painting. This is our backyard. The lesson here was to take art supplies on the go and paint an outdoor scene. Well, it's cold right now and we've done "art supplies on the go" previously, so I assigned her to observe the backyard from the window and paint it as she observed it.

She was to do a reproduction of a great work of art.

This was a lesson about Currier & Ives and the company they formed making prints of their artwork. The kids (including Olivia) were colorists working in an assembly line process. They were each assigned a color and then had to color just that part of each of the pictures. It was a very fun activity.

Olivia is sewing felt. She is adding a sequins each time she makes a stitch.

This is a monoprint. She spread paint a cookie sheet, pressed a piece of paper into it, and then "drew" the duck on the paper using the back end of a paint brush.

Here she was trying her hand a "stained glass". We used tissue paper. According to Olivia, there is a red flower just to the left of center. :)

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Kallie said...

I love Olivia's artwork. I would love to look through that book! Great work, Oliva:)