Sunday, March 15, 2009

Orchestra Lapbook

This was our lapbook for our study of the orchestra. Mrs. Kim, at our homeschool co-op, did a lesson on the orchestra about a month ago. At home, Olivia and I expanded on it. The instruments on the front were some of her favorites. She got to see a violin and a flute, i believe, at the co-op, she wants to play the harp (oh boy, could she have picked a larger, more expense and more complicated instrument?), she got to buzz on the mouthpiece of daddy's french horn (otherwise it doesn't work), and of course, she likes the drums.

This was our bible verse that we memorized. A nice side effect of teaching Olivia memory verses and saying them over and over has been that I am also learning them. I was never good at or very disciplined in this before. God gave us music and the reason we have music is to give praise to God. The pictures below are some of the books we read as well as a DVD we watched. We also used the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids website a lot because you can listen to most of the instruments individually.

We talked about what an orchestra was, who the conductor was and what he did.

We talked about how a composer creates music. We listened to Saint-Saens' "The Carnival of the Animals". We talked about the particular instruments used to represent each animal. Jeremy joined in to lead this part of our study. Olivia really enjoyed this activity. We also listened to parts of Handel's Messiah. This was done not only as a part of the orchestra study but also as a part of our lent activities. My friend referred me to a great website that had activities to do for each day of lent. Each day Olivia opens an Easter egg with an activity in it. I may post more about that later. One of them was to listen to Handel's Messiah. So I rigged it so that she would draw that activity around the same time we were doing this lapbook.

We identified the families of instruments in the orchestra. This is where we listened to each instrument individually. There are flash cards for the instruments we talked about in these pockets.

Here is the animals and instruments for "The Carnival of the Animals".

We talked about how the musicians sit with their instruments in an orchestra. This chart was from co-op where the exercise was to color the instrument group as it was heard. When we are riding in the car and listening to music, Olivia will often tell us what instruments she hears playing or ask if she doesn't know. We heard a fiddle song in the car tonight and she said it sounded like a violin. We also went to see the "Word of Life German Brass ensemble" at church tonight. They were playing trumpets and trombones. There was so much more we could have done with this study. I can't wait to build on it at a later time. Some instruments we always have with us like our hands and our voices. We have also been learning some musical terms like adagio (slow), allegro (fast), piano (soft), and forte (loud) as she plays her toy instruments at home. We use all kinds of music for this including some of the Kindermusik CDs we have from when we took those classes together last year. Jeremy is also starting to work on some finger exercises with her in hopes of teaching her piano before long. We will be learning right along with her if we are able to do this.

Here is the Sarine garage band! Olivia is holding her homemade drum and string instrument. She made this at co-op. Gabe has his drum that he is learning how to bang on. He uses both hands and feet. Olivia has a great time "making music" with her brother. She also likes to assign me an instrument to play with them.


Kim said...

I see a future tuba player. That drum is bigger than he is!!

Becca said...

ha, ha!
We have to help him hold it. But he does love playing with it.