Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter Lapbook

Since winter is almost over...:)

This was our winter lapbook we did in January. I have had the pictures for a while and just never got around to posting it. So here it is for you. Olivia cut out the snowflakes and painted them with glitter glue.

Olivia did not memorize this bible verse. (She has about 16 other verses memorized) It isn't easy to find verses to go with our topics sometimes. We read it a lot. We talked about how God gives us seasons. We talked about what months are winter. In the "S is for snow" book, she had to pick out Ss. We also worked on writing Ss and it was around this time that she learned to write her last name.

We talked about weather and read lots of books on this topic. Since we are in NC, we talked about rain and ice as well as snow. :) Fortunately she did get to see some snow.

We read a poem with some vocabulary words. She had to trace the words, although that is not pictured here. Olivia cut and pasted circles to make a snowman and drew a face on him. She has not taken quickly to drawing or coloring so this was a difficult activity for her. She does love to cut though. The snowflakes on this page are painted with colored epsom salts.

This was an activity she did at our homeschool coop. We spent time at home talking about appropriate dress for winter weather since she has often put on her sandals to go out this winter. :)
This picture is another activity she did at our coop. I wanted to include this one so you could see how she writes her name. Although, in the last two weeks, she can write her full name now. I will have to take a picture of that soon.

I put this picture of the tree without its leaves on the back of her lapbook because one of the things she says a lot is that the trees are sad without their leaves. Again she painted snow with the epsom salts. Its a messy craft but fun too!

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Kim said...

You guys really did a lot with winter. Looks great!