Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Mammoth Olivia Update

I know it's been all Gabe this and Gabe that for a while, so here's what his big sister's been up to...

A couple weeks back, we all took a ride out to a corn maze and pumpkin patch. The corn maze was insane. I expected something at least mildly difficult, but had to be this:

There were 6 checkpoints, each with a map, so we figured we could get to one or two and then go, but again, no. We spent more than an hour getting into it and finally just followed someone to a checkpoint where there was a map, took a picture of it and used that to get us back out so Rebecca could go feed Gabe. Maybe if we'd had another 18 hours....

While we were there, we let Olivia play on this giant jumping "pillow."

On another day, Rebecca, Olivia and Gabe went to the Zoo with some friends.

Ok, you're officially a geek if you know what the number on the helicopter is from. (yes, I know...)
The Polar Bear was quite playful the day they went, as you can see.

Olivia's also been doing a dance/gymnastics class at the Little Gym each week and she loves it!

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Sorgius Studios said...

Is the number for the Star Trek spaceship? I only know this (if it is indeed correct) because I saw a commercial for the new movie yesterday.