Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Gabe cuteness

So I went away for a week and now I'm back and the kiddo smiles up a storm for Mommy, but looks at me like, "who are you?" He's still cute, tho :)

He's holding his head up really well now and Olivia is doing wonderfully with him.

I suppose I'd have this look if someone were pounding on my back, too.

I did get him to smile once without mommy around...once.

But, this is the look i normally get.

We took a quick video of him smiling and cooing, but he hasn't mastered the art of conversation just yet...


SJ said...

Rebecca, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Just read your September blogs. I was totally unaware of any of that excitement! Also didn't realize you guys had a blog (or else I forgot?...) I added you to the blogs listed on my blog right away then went to yours and saw I was posted on yours! Yay! Gabe is SO cute. He is so alert!!! Love you

Stan and Dana said...

Such a cuuuuuutie!!!! :) Love you guys!