Friday, July 4, 2008

Rebecca's Wallet Adventure

Since Rebecca hasn't gotten around to telling the story, I will. :)

About a week ago, Rebecca went shopping and then to a friends house to hang out. After she left her friends house, she was going to grab Olivia a bite to eat at a Chick-Fil-A and she realized she didn't have her wallet. Uh-oh! She had put it in her pocket when she checked out at the store, so she went back to see if she might have dropped it. No luck. No one had turned in a wallet and it wasn't lying in the parking lot. She called her friend and they searched their house, but it wasn't there either. When I got home from work, I searched through her car and the bags she'd had with her, but once again, no joy. So we called and cancelled all our credit cards (except my Amex) and her ATM card. About 2 hours after we went through all this trouble, she was checking her email and she saw a Facebook friend request from some 20-year-old UNC-G student. She was about to blow him off when she saw that he had sent her a message. She accepted his friend request, read the message and lo and behold, he had her wallet! He'd found it in the middle of the street between the store and her friend's house. Apparently Rebecca had taken the wallet out of her pocket and set it on top of the car while she buckled Olivia into her car seat. She must have driven off with it still on the roof! She got the guy's address and we went and picked up the wallet. Everything was still in it, including the cash, which we gave him as a reward.

It's amazing that this guy went through the trouble of searching Facebook to find her and return her wallet. It kinda restores our faith in people that someone would make that extra effort to return the wallet rather than going on a shopping spree before we could get the cards cancelled.

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Kristie said...

Wow! That's amazing!