Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gabe's "Room"

Not to be outdone by the lair of cuteness that is Olivia's room, Gabe now has a room of his own. Nana's ingenious idea to use bi-fold doors to create walls has given Gabe a perfect place of his own once he moves out of our room. Of course, he first needs to move out of Rebecca...

These doors can be closed so he won't be disturbed by anyone walking by.

She managed to find this very adorable bedding set. Considering Olivia's penchant for octopuses (yes, we looked that up) and fishies, I was surprised that she wasn't the least bit jealous of Gabe's decor. She simply pointed out what each animal was and left it at that.

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Stan and Dana said...

Sooooo CUTE!! Nice decorating job!