Thursday, January 12, 2017


If there's one thing we really hope for each year, it's one good snowstorm. And this year, we got it!
It was questionable whether we'd even get anything right up to the night it was supposed to start.
But it did start and it kept coming down!

The next morning, we had 9 inches on the ground and it was still snowing pretty hard as times. By the time it was over, we had a little over 10 inches, which is pretty significant for us.
The chickens weren't particularly thrilled with the snow.
But the kids were. :) Irene was so excited to get to go out in it; a far cry from last year, for sure.
Emma, too, was raring to go when she saw the whole world turned white.
The did some sledding in the front yard.
Olivia went over to the big hill and did a little there.
Even Nukkah got into the action by escaping and running like a mad dog all around the park.
It was just so pretty...However it was freezing cold, so staying outside took some serious determination.
Olivia wanted to try her hand at shoveling. It didn't last long. :) 
Because it stayed cold (like 10-20 degrees for highs) for a couple of days, the snow wasn't any good for making snowballs or snowmen. However, a couple days later, the sun came out and softened the snow enough to make a couple of pretty good snowmen in the yard.

They didn't last long, tho. the very next day, we found the bits and pieces all on the ground as their occupants had melted swiftly away. 

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