Monday, September 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Our little man turned 8 last week!  It's amazing to think that on a dark and stormy night 8 years ago, I got to play catch (literally) with my first son. :) For his party this year, he begged for a Thor-themed party to go along with the Captain America party last year. Sadly, Thor wasn't in the latest movie to come out, so there wasn't any Thor-specific party stuff and we went with the whole Avengers team instead. 

So we compensated by making Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) watermelon, 
 Mjolnir cheese and pretzels
And the crowning achievement:
 The Mjolnir Cake (complete with lightning!), which was a big hit.
Speaking of big hits...

 We got a hold of a few Nerf Mjolnirs and I stayed up all night creating a "Whack-a-Loki" game. 
and whack it, they did! 
 Then we put the hammers to a more precise use and played Lawn Hammers.
 They had to toss the three hammers and get them in a hoop on the ground.
 Then we put their swinging arms back into action with a pinata.
 It was quite a mad scramble for the candy. :)

The day really couldn't have gone off better.
  Everyone had a lot of fun, from the littles... 
 To the adults. 
Happy Birthday, big guy!
What's next year? Iron Man? :)

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