Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Reader's Nook - Olivia's Bookstore Math Project

We took a break from Math Lessons to do a 12-week project that involved Olivia creating a bookstore that she had to run. We got this from an e-book package we had purchased through Simply Charlotte Mason a while back. She was responsible for maintaining inventory, paying bills, taking orders, advertising and the bookkeeping that goes along with it. We did one "Month" per week.
 She wrote checks each month to pay her rent and utilities.
 She took orders from virtual customers.
 There were two random draws each month, one for In-Store Sales and one that had random bonuses/challenges that she would have to deal with.
At the end of each "month" she had to add up all her expenses and income and determine if she made a profit or a loss for that month as well as keep a running total for the year.

In the end, she did well. She started with $10,000 and finished with almost $16500, so a decent profit.

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