Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ezra's 6th Birthday

It's so hard to believe our little guy is 6! 
 This kid is, without a doubt, our most intense child. He does everything with great passion, whether it's playing and laughing or getting mad and upset. He does it all with all he's got. He loves to get physical, wrestling and punching, throwing balls, shooting Nerf guns, playing with cars. He's fascinated with planes and will spend hours building them out of Legos or Perler beads. 
 When it came time for a cake, I asked him what he wanted, expecting a plane or something from Star Wars. Instead, he said, "Chocolate." When I explained that I meant what did he want it to look like, he said, "A race car." Like a Cars movie car? Lightning McQueen? "No. just a plain old race car." 
Well, rather that a plain old race car, Rebecca had the idea of a racetrack with a bunch of cars, so this is what I made him. Rebecca picked up a few new cars for him and we put them around the track. Well, it was a hit. He loved it. :)
He loved getting up in the morning and seeing his giant birthday banner that the other kids had decorated with planes and cars for him. Olivia took some of the money from her own piggy bank and bought him a rubber band gun that he's been wanting for a such a long time. I think we'll all need to wear safety goggles around the house from now on....

I really can't wait to see what this next year brings. I expect more and more passionate activity from him for a long time to come.


Ana Benge said...

Love him so much! Great job on the cake, Jeremy!

Sherry Sarine said...

Such a multi-talented dad you are becoming! Living on the creative side of your brain! Adorable cake!Happy Birthday Ezra! Love you, Nana & Pop Pop!