Monday, March 28, 2016

Youthful Ingenuity

It amazes me sometimes just how smart our kids can be. Giving them free time to be able to create on their own can often yield surprising results.
  This is Ezra's glider, "Big Wings."
 Here he built a jet with a launcher, "Kinda like an aircraft carrier except it's smaller than the plane."

 And lately, the kids have been fascinated by Star Trek, so Gabe made this interpretation of the USS Enterprise. I didn't really see the resemblance until I opened it and found "The Bridge".

 I thought is was both hilarious and ingenious that Gabe had "Kirk" in the chair and all the other guys at their stations.
 In other news, Ezra is a huge fan of Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so he tried to make himself some wings out of paper.
 They weren't very durable, so I made him another set from an Amazon box we had laying around.

And finally, I woke up from a nap one afternoon to find the kids out in the back yard playing under this tent they had made from a parachute, outdoor chairs and a garden stake. They lined the floor with empty chicken feed bags. Again... Ingenious.

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