Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Snow!

The big blizzard that hit a big chunk of the Mid-Atlantic managed to graze us a little. We woke up the first morning to snowflakes coming down, but that afternoon, it changed over to sleet. Still, it came down heavy and the kids wanted to go out in it. 

 This was Irene's first time getting to go out on her own in it and she had fun with it. :)

 Later, we went out across the street to try out the sledding hill.
 The sleet didn't pack, but it was still slick enough for us to have fun.

 Emma wasn't particularly happy about going down on her own.
 But she went!
 Irene wanted to go, too!

 The sleet continued throughout the day and into the night, eventually changing over to a little more snow the next morning.
It made the sledding that much more fun!

 Both Emma and Irene went down on their own again.

 But they needed help getting back up every time. They're getting awfully heavy. ;)
 Rebecca thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get out her snowshoes and go for a walk to Bestway for a few groceries. 
Even though it was more ice than snow, it was still great to get a little winter weather. We're hoping for more!

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