Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lego Creations - December 2015

If there's one constant in our home, it that the boys will come up with a new Lego creation every day. They are especially adept at making airplanes and spaceships.

 Ezra says this one is his tri-alien ship since it has 3 people in it.

 Captain America's glider.
 Ezra made a Quinjet from the Avengers. The tail folds open and closed.

 A helicopter.
 Ezra made a Star Wars speeder.
 The wings fold down so it can shoot.
 Gabe made a flying suit for Cap.
 He built Emma a flying bus by request.
 Another Star Wars ship.
 And the latest creation: a flying jet robot.
 He can take his wings off
or just fold them on his back.

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