Friday, May 22, 2015

Artwork - April & May

For Art this term we've done more work with printing along with stamps, interior scenes and bodies in motion. 

So first, we learned a bit about Rembrandt who, along with painting, also did pieces for stamp printing illustrations into books. The kids cut out various shapes and letters and made their own stamps.

 Then they did some relief printing by drawing onto a foam block, putting ink on it and pressing the paper onto the block.

Then the kids learned about Johannes Vermeer, who excelled at interior scenes. The third kind of printing they tried is called collagraph printing. They cut out foam shapes and glued them onto cardboard to create a scene. Then they rolled a lightly-inked roller over a piece of paper laid over the scene. This was the result:
 Birthday party
Playing ball in the yard and a chicken catching a worm.
 Still studying Vermeer, they made their own interior scenes using oil pastels. 
Ezra's depiction of a birthday party.
 Olivia's drawing of someone reading a book in our dining room.
 ...I can't quite remember what Gabe's was...

 When they studied Fragonard (whom I have never heard of...) they drew bodies in motion.
 Mom playing with a ball by Ezra
 A person jumping rope by Gabe
Someone going for a swim by Olivia. 

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