Friday, April 24, 2015

Olivia's Double Digit Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to our first born :)
 We did a fun pinwheel theme to the decorations.

We made her a pinwheel cake. 

We decorated the yard with lots of pinwheels.

This is the message that God gave me for her along with the pinwheel theme:

Dear Olivia Hope Sarine,
This week you will turn 10 years old. You will no longer be just one number but 2. That is a big milestone. You are becoming a little lady. I thank God every day for your life. You are beautiful and precious. Today we celebrate you. You have a heart of gold. You love freely. You have great joy. You bring joy and hope to those you meet. Today we put all these pinwheels in the yard because they remind us of you. They make us smile. I pray that you would hold on to the innocence, playfulness, and carefree-ness of your childhood even as you move into double digits. May this next year be a great year for you. Don’t grow up on me too fast. God has big things in store for you though. You have so many gifts and talents to offer those around you. I am so thankful to be your mother. Continue to be who God made you. You are just right!

One of her favorite things is arts and crafts. We gave her a box of various crafty items like Perler beads, a cross-stitch set, origami paper dolls, a Rainbow loom tool, and more bands.

The Molner girls (Caitlin, Amber, Natalie, and Bethany) came to celebrate with her. They also added to her crafty collection with yarn (they taught her to finger knit and use a circle loom), floss, and stickers. They also gave her two books, a Nancy Drew book (she has been borrowing from their collection) and a Minecraft book. They are all sleeping downstairs as I type this. It is the first time we have done a sleepover and it's been lots of fun. They did some crafts together and then watched a movie before finally passing out.

The next morning after breakfast we played.

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