Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow fun

After despairing for weeks about not getting any snow, we got an answer to prayer! :) I wasn't much, but it was something. We got about an ich of cnow and then another inch of sleet on top of it, so it was very slick for sledding. Our first idea was just to go down the driveway, but, as I discovered to my own continuing pain, it was so slick as to be uncontrollable. I flew down the driveway, across the street and slammed into the opposite curb. I now have a pretty good bruise and a good stiff limp to show for it. Olivia decided she'd try her hand at it so long as I was there to catch her. 

 After only one time, it was deemed too scary and so we moved to our traditional hill across the street. Ezra bailed before even going once because he was cold, but Olivia and Gabe were troopers and were in for the long haul.

 They had a blast! after only one or two runs, they too to having races down the hill. The ice made it certainly fast enough to be exciting.

There's a little more snow in the forecast, so we're hoping the weathermen are right!

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