Sunday, October 19, 2014

Parents Only Weekend!

At the end of September, Rebecca's cousin, Hunter, got married on Emerald Isle, NC. We were blessed to have friends from Valley of Blessing volunteer to stay at our house and watch all 5 kids so we could go alone! We got two whole nights without our children so we could spend time celebrating with Rebecca's cousins and family. Sadly, we didn't bring our camera with us, so we only had our cell phones (not smart phones, btw) to take pictures with. We arrived Friday evening just in time for the Rehersal Dinner at The White Oak River Bistro. Delicious and lovely. We visited with family and ate. My grandparents even made the trip and it was so wonderful to be together. After dinner we sat and visited with Rebecca's cousins on the large porch overlooking the water. We haven't all been together in a really long time (?maybe our wedding 14 years ago even!) so this was a treat. We stayed at a condo on the sound side of Indian Beach with 3 of Rebecca's cousins. So nice! We slept in Saturday morning, read an entire book each, visited the beach, ate pizza, swam/sat at the condo pool, and got ready for the wedding leisurely...this is not the life we are used too at home... :)
 The night of the wedding, we got to see a gorgeous sunset over the sound. The wedding was at The Watson House on Emerald Isle and this picture was taken from the yard.
 And the next morning, we saw it come back up again over the ocean.
We went to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shores before returning home on Sunday. It was very enjoyable. Overall, we had the most wonderful time enjoying each other's company without interruptions or fights or noise or diapers!

Oh wait! there is one more thing... Hunter and Jenny had a photobooth at their reception so people could get their pics taken and have fun with them. They had all kinds of silly costumes and things. We did go in once by ourselves, though we didn't opt for the crazy stuff.

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