Friday, May 9, 2014

Olivia's Piano Recital - Spring 2014

Olivia had her spring piano recital last weekend and did such a wonderful job! Ms. Lamb challenged her (and her other students) to memorize her piece, which was Bach's Minuet in G. Olivia was chosen to go first because she is one of her strongest and most confident students and wouldn't be shaken by being the first to perform. Sure enough, she was great! 
Nana, Grandpa and Grandma were all on-hand to cheer her on.

She got some very pretty flowers. 


Nana Sarine said...

She did such an awesome job! I love that Bach piece and I love the way you played! Your hard work shows, little Miss "O"! BIG smiley face and BIG hug! Nana

Cheryl Andres said...

What a beautiful performance Olivia! You are very talented. Keep up the good work!

Grandpa & Grandma said...

Grandma & Grandpa Baldwin say that we were so glad to be able to drive up and be a part of your recital. "Way to Go, Olivia!!! You were great!"