Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

It is unbelievable to me that our little girl is 9 years old... She's growing up so fast. It's really a wonder to me to think back at how much she's grown and matured just in the last year. 

We celebrated a few days early with Nana and Pop-pop, who gave her an awesome donut "cake" :)

For her birthday party, we took her and a bunch of her friends (and ours!) bowling. Olivia absolutely loves to go bowling and so that's what she's been asking to do for months. She was so happy that so many of her friends were able to make it.

In the interest of continuing her trend of making each birthday cake unique, Rebecca made cake pops. But they just aren't pretty colors, they're each a different flavor! The yellow are lemon, the lavender are actually lavender and the pink are rose. That's right... Rose. The flower. Not kidding. The icing holding the cake pop together was flavored with rose water and there are rose petals in the cake itself. You'd be surprised how good it actually tasted.

 We got 4 lanes for 2 hours of unlimited bowling. We put the kids on 2 lanes and the adults on the other two. In those 2 hours, the kids managed to just barely get through one game. To be fair, there were 12 kids playing, some of whom couldn't life the ball without adult assistance. 

 And in the interest of full disclosure, the adults only got through 2 games. :)


In the end, a fun time was had by all and some wonderful memories will be cherished for years to come.

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Nana & Pop Pop said...

Love the pictures! Sweet birthday; sweet girl! Happy Birthday again Olivia! ("We love you more! ")...