Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Meal at the Inn

With Olivia studying about the Middle Ages, we decided to have a meal like travelers would have eaten at an inn in medieval England. I played the part of the innkeeper and served them a traditional shepherd's pie and mugs of ale. Well, it was actually cider, since I personally don't like ales. The kids were not impressed with the cider, only taking a sip each.

 As I served them their meals and drinks, I told them about life at the inn and in the surrounding town. They heard about how the well water wasn't exactly safe to drink, so ale or wine was the preferred beverage. They learned that a shepherd's pie is traditionally made with mutton or lamb because sheep were very plentiful in the English countryside.

It's hard to tell because of the flash from the camera, but the only light in the room was from the little candles on the table, so it was quite dim as the sun was already down. Once they were done with their meals, I informed them that other than sitting in the common room, there wasn't anything to do after dark. I also explained that we only had a couple of rooms so they would have to all sleep together and if they needed the bathroom, it was outside.

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