Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emma in August

Emma is now 7 months old and just a true bundle of joy and energy. She's very happy, loves to laugh and smile and is really exploring the world around her.

She loves mirrors and smiling at the baby she sees in them.

She's eating baby food now and the other kids love to help feed her. The only time we hear her get upset is when it involves not getting her food fast enough. Here she is eyeing her sister's watermelon.
Sister love--It is super sweet to see the kids interact with each other. And take a look at those sweet rolls on her back. She is actually growing out of much of her chunkiness so we had to catch some more pictures while we could.

She also loves looking out the window in our bedroom. She likes to tap on the glass and to stare at the light, the trees, and the sky.
So happy!

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Lacey said...

ah that chunky baby!! she is SO smiley. Her hair looks lighter, is she going blonde?!