Saturday, July 7, 2012

Olivia's Summer Art Camps

We enrolled Olivia in two summer art camps at the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Greensboro. The morning session was a Dr. Seuss-themed camp that had them look at some of his books and take inspiration from the stories to do their own works.

Her turtle, inspired by Yurtle the Turtle
She had to write her own poem and illustrate it in book form.

She made her own "Thing" from Cat In The  Hat

In the afternoon, she had a camp that did a lot of work inspired by other artists and used a bunch of mixed-media.
Olivia made a "Triorama" of her dream playground
Starry Night by Van Gogh

They made their own sketchbooks

splatter painting like Jackson Pollack
They made their own paint and did some finger painting
"Oh wait! It's upside down!"
More splatter painting
Cave art
They did a group project where one person drew a head, one a torso and the third legs, but they couldn't look at the previous person's work
They made shakers with beans and a toilet paper tubee
The looked at Henna tattoos and did their own on a glove (because drawing on our own hands might not be a good idea...:)
They made woven paper lanterns

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