Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Virginia Beach Trip

Jeremy was working in Virginia Beach. He has been out of town a lot for work recently. Olivia has recently been studying the ocean ecosystem. This all provided good reasons for the kids and I to take a quick trip (one night) to VA Beach. We got to spend some time with daddy and we got to see the bay, the beach, and the aquarium. We got there late in the evening so our first visit to the beach was in the dark. But hey, we made the most of it right? ;) 

"moon! moon!"

Olivia did some observations for school:

She is using her senses and will then write about the beach. Also, she is observing how the sand is in constant motion and what that feels like under her feet.

Here she is looking at a sample of seawater and sand. She will write about that in her journal. This sample has some small shrimp swimming around in it.

We did go back to the beach the following day for a late lunch and some play time. I didn't get any pictures that day. Why you ask? Well, the wind, the sand, the crying baby, two tired and less than cooperative boys...you get the picture. :)

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