Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

For a fun school activity, we did a nature scavenger hunt. Sometimes, when you walk through the woods, you enjoy yourself but do you stop to really notice the things around you? I think sometimes I can get too focused on my feet and where they are going or the conversation between myself and the kids (or whoever else is with me) or I am thinking about the getting to the end. This was a fun exercise for stopping and enjoying God's creation as well as working on our observation and science skills. It was a gorgeous fall day. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. We did it with friends and put together two lists, one for the bigger kids and one for the little guys.

The group of "hunters"
Ezra just tagged along. Well, actually I spent a lot of time keeping him out of trouble. :) But he enjoyed himself too.

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